[Hot New]Nautilus Deck V 2.0-Gaff

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After version 1.0 and V1.5 a new version of Nautilus 2.0 has been released.
This deck has an aura that is mixed with the darkness of the nightfall and is formed into a Nautilus.
This deck truly comes to us with an impact! Including the specials you are able to see a true collaboration
of colors as the designs of the deck has not changed too much but the colors have.
Produced by JJPC by using resistance material rather than the slippery materials they used to use,
which make the quality of the card much like those of USPCC.
Actually, they took it a step further with its durability and desiccant manufacturing.
In addition in V2.0 Gaff card has been added to increase the magic functions magicians require.


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