[Limited]The Magicians 2018 Deck- Korea ver

Price : 18.00
qty : / 116




Special Playing card celebrating FISM 2018 has been released.
Different caricature of magicians that represents South Korea
has been printed on each of the faces on the card.
This deck is name “The Magicians Deck (Korea Version).
Only 2000 decks has been made and sold only exclusively in FISM.
This playing card had a huge reaction from the audience after its promotion video was shown on FISM concert.
We expect only 500 decks to be shown on the domestic market and this card
has been made with approval of all of the magicians that are printed on the card.
Each card expresses well of each characteristic of each magicians, and shows great quality when it comes to fanning.
This card is a must have for those who are into collecting. 



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