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Introducing a new project that we have been working on:
a revolutionary DVD set on modern stage magic with doves.

From the basic controls and sequences to advanced presentations
that will make your magic look as visual as it can get,
C.Y shares some of his most valued knowledge on stage magic.
Dove Worker also deals with parlor magic ideas using doves,
and all the side details on performing with doves.

 - 11 Stage Routines and Sequences
- How to make your own props.
- 9 Grips for Doves
- 29 Sequences Total
- Mix and Match different levels to create your own act
- C.Y's variation on the costume

[ Contents ]


Dove Bag Set Up

Basic Grip

Witness Grip

Killer Grip 1

Killer Grip 2

One Hand Grip C.Y Ver.

Two Hand Grip 1

Two Hand Grip 2

Black and White Streamer

Handkerchief with Dove

Color Changing Rose

Color Changing Silk

Egg Sequence

One Candle Sequence

Slow Appearing Candle C.Y Ver.

Triple Color Change Cane

Twirling Card Sequence

Three Candle Sequence by Hyun Joon Kim

Two Dove Bag 1

Two Dove Bag 2

Two Dove Bag C.Y Ver.


Normal Dove Divide

C.Y Grip Dove Divide

Egg Bag Final Load

Latex Dove

Silk To Ball With Dove

Slow Vanishing Candle C.Y Ver.

Harness Making & Set Up

Returning To The Table With The Doves In Your Hands.


Reverse Fan To Dove

Smoke to Dove

Top Hat to Dove


C.Y Pocket System

Attaching Systems

Dove Bag Tip

Costume System

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