BH Variation - byeonghun.yu(BH)

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BH Variation Vol.1 - ByeongHun.yu(BH)

This magic lecture is a lecture DVD which is a collection of magic made by changing the style of "Yu Byeong Hun" magician by himself or by being inspired by any magic.
This DVD has collected The Best Card Magic Trick in The his thought
It ranges from easy difficulty to difficult difficulty.
It is a good opportunity for beginners to improve their skills, and intermediate players can also improve their skills.
Please use this lecture to learn the best card magic of Yu Byung Hun magician actually used by Yu Byung Hun magician.
PS. This lecture is a series. As of March, 2017, five pieces of work were planned. The series is planned to continue the work, and then continue to 6th, 7th, 8th and so on

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