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It is a new Lecture 'PIECE' of the magician Choi Hyo-won who plays a big role in a small theater magic performance with a fresh idea and directing.
1st place in Busan International Magic Festival close-up section
Ranked 1st in the 2016 Asian Magic Alliance championship close-up division
Combination of instantaneous phenomenon of coin and revival phenomenon of card


3 Four Piece Performance

Four - Piece
It is the production that a piece of the card appears visually in four move in the base movement.
Piece Fly 
reminded to watch the coin magic "3 Fly"
 If you tear one of the four equal-fold cards with your right hand, the remaining three pieces on your left hand move one by one.
Piece & Box
If you put a card torn in four pieces into a card box and shake it
It is directed to move with hand one by one and to stick together.

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