Searching Jookers - Blue by Henry Evans

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Performance (제품연출) 파랑색 카드에서 임의 한장카드를 고르고 그 카드를 조커를 이용해서 빨강색  덱 사이에서 임의로 넣고 신호를 주면 순식간에 골랐던 파랑색 카드와 같은 카드를 찾아내는 마술입니다.
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Note (제품 구매시 참고할 점)  
A twist of a classic effect -- it's a "sandwich card" without cutting or changing the deck order! A spectator selects a card, which remains face down on the table. Jokers are placed into a second deck, almost at the ends of the deck. The deck is closed and spread apart again - the jokers have magically moved closer to the center of the deck, as if searching for the selected card. Again it's closed and opened, and they now are in the center with only one card sandwiched between them. This card and the spectator's card are turned face up - an exact match! 

It's very visual and works automatically. 

-- Quick setup 
-- Easy to do 

You receive a special deck, and a DVD giving you full explanations. 

You will also need a regular deck (not included).

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