Sun smoke Pro by sun

Price : 110.00
qty : / 1



Level of difficulty ★★★☆☆
Product composition Size Weight Meterial
Gimmick, Switch, Charger, Fluid, Arm Band, Silk kit, Remote control          
paper box Total weight 275g
Introducing innovative ultra-compact smoke Device
- Finger Palm possible ultra-small size
- the amount of rich smoke
- Presented 'Arm Kit' for existing smoke perfroming
- Presented 'Silk Kit' for smoke glass perfroming
- can performing the same electric smoke glass with Silk kit, - All wine glasses and cups can be, Use after Sun Smoke combination
Includes: Sun Smoke, Arm Kit, Extension Switch,
Switch safety cap, smoke liquid 30ml, Manual, charger, charging wire, spare coil, Silk kit, * Remote control *

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