Mystery Smoke

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난이도 ★★★☆☆
제품구성 사이즈 무게 재질
스모크 용액      
호스 3개      
건전지 충전기      
포장상태 전용케이스 총무게  
제품연출 1. 무대에서 물체를 연기로 변하게 합니다.
2. 테이블에서 물체를 연기로 변하게 한후 손바닥을 확인시켜줍니다.
3. 마술사는 팔을 걷고 물체를 연기로 변하게합니다.
제품 구매시 참고할 점  


Even though similar products are already on the market such as, in chronological order, Magic Smoke…… Pure Smoke…….. Vapr………, for the first time the smoke effect is made also wearing SHORT-SLEEVED shirts (Solution, deposited patent). 

MYSTERY SMOKE proposes an innovating conception and reaches a new goal in this specific field.
On the occasion of the International Meeting of Magic FISM 2015 at Rimini, MYSTERY SMOKE is shown as a complete novelty and World premiere!
The advantages of MYSTERY SMOKE tested in the last 4 years have anextraordinary efficacy mainly in the professional area thanks to some important characteristics like: 
• A compact and ergonomic Unit with only one interchangeable Battery
• New Conception and three types of use
• Short-sleeved Smoke Effect (Real Magic)
MYSTERY SMOKE is available in 3 versions: Classic, Short-Sleeves, Vanished Objects

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